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Strategic Communication

K&N Group’s Strategic Communication and Brand Management service includes social and psychological profiling of market segments to create a holistic plan introducing your business brand to the market in a way that speaks to the public’s aspirations, expectations and culture. Every strategy we propose to you is the most promising adaptation of any market segment on the continent, yielding the best results in any given situation.

Our Strategic Communication and Brand Management service aims to help you communicate your best message through the correct channels, measured against well-considered organisational and communications-specific goals. Our highly-skilled team is committed to excellent service delivery and measureable results through strategic marketing campaigns that directly reach your customer and position your business in the minds of your audience.

K&N Group’s team will help you build a brand and business that has a powerful, long-lasting special relationship with your customer based on intangible qualities that evoke strong emotional responses providing a solid foundation for the success of your business. We will analyse your brand information to understand the strengths, opportunities, positioning and the perception of your brand in the market to inspire trust in your business and bring your message, company values and products to life.

K&N Group offers you effective brand management to build loyal customers through positive brand associations and images or a strong awareness of your brand enabling the price of your products to go up. The team at K&N Group are ready to help you successfully launch that innovative brand and business, revitalise your existing brand and educate or engage your customers about your products, issues and services by creating specialist communication, events and experiences.

Business Facilitation

Building a socially responsible corporate image in any business involves relentless work in communication, dialogue and consultations between all business stakeholders, investors, shareholders and the community or social stakeholders. K&N Group’s Business Facilitation service is a tailor-made advisory service to assist you in building a socially responsible corporate image and assist you in your dealings with business and social stakeholders in all sectors so you reach your business goals.

Our service is process-focused and outcome-driven and provides you with a structure in your business to enable individual’s to reach a common understanding regardless of diverse perspectives on any subject. K&N Group’s Business Facilitation service leverages the power of strategic communication to build a shared understanding, generate new thinking and affect an intended course of action in your business. We offer you guidance and help you discover solutions that build a consensus among individuals in your business.

Some aspects K&N Group’s Business Facilitation service assists you with include negotiations at the highest levels of political leadership, identification of potential partners or competitors and negotiation of possible joint ventures between business stakeholders. We are able to take your business into any country and assist you with advice from implementation of your marketing strategy to stabilising your brand presence.

K&N Group’s Business Facilitation service brings a range of skill sets that help you to implement your business development, marketing and export plans. We offer careful observation skills providing feedback and guidance to you, while being sensitive to group dynamics and enlightening you on skills building, innovation, entrepreneurship and capacity-building.

K&N Group’s Business Facilitation service is a quality service based on an extended knowledge of the continent and its people from the highest levels of modern governance to the lowest levels of traditional leadership. Our knowledge on the environment, our social, political, religious and cultural structures that govern communities, as well as our large established network on the ground are unparalleled. Whatever product or business you want to expand or implement on the continent, K&N Group Business Facilitation is your solution in reaching your goals.


The K&N Group recognise events are increasingly being seen as an integral part to growing business branding, marketing and incentive strategies. Whatever the reason, theme or celebration, we are committed to organising top-quality events for you. K&N Group’s Corporate Events service will assist you with consulting, planning, execution and supervision of your corporate functions exceeding your expectations within your time constraints.

We will work with you from concept to completion ensuring every detail of your event is in place and all elements work seamlessly together and will focus on creating a function that’s uniquely different and remembered for years to come. K&N Group’s Corporate Events service is designed especially for individuals who require assistance in planning and coordinating corporate functions and can easily be customised to your needs, taste and budget.

We understand that a corporate event is an extension of your company. We are dedicated to making sure you as the host enjoy a hassle free function, whether the event is held for your staff, clients or stakeholders. Our aim is to take the tedious task of planning and staging away from you and create and manage your event from start to finish while achieving your desired event outcomes providing you with total peace of mind while you concentrate on your guests.

Some of the events we organise include:

  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Trainings
  • Workshops
  • Fundraisings
  • Product Launches

The K&N Group will nurture and grow our relationship with you by learning more about your clients striving to understand both your and their needs producing a special event that will leave the right impression of your business with them. We understand that corporate clients have very specific requirements in terms of branding and hospitality. We therefore aim to work closely with you creating an engaging function no matter the size or location which meets your requirements on time.

The K&N Group has in-depth event management knowledge provided through their large established network of partners and field specialists and will provide you with tailor-made occasions that bring your guests closer to you and help create relationships that last. Whatever event you wish to hold across the continent, the K&N Group is your solution to world-class event assistance and events that will showcase your brand in the best light, maximising business prospects.



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